New video is out! "Radio Violence" is our newest addition to our video collection.

It features first single from upcoming album "Don't Pick Your Noise" to be released in early 2018.


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"Prog rock pop space noise trio which will change your perception of how a modern rock trio sounds!"


Them Moose Rush is a progressive rock trio from Croatia. Combining retro with modern, recording albums live and bursting with crazy jams, Them Moose Rush is a genuine riff machine constantly pushing forward and reinventing listeners perception of a standard rock and roll trio. With their debut album „To Future Miss Sunshine“ (2013) they have managed to make a splash in the local scene but it was immediately clear that their music deserves much wider attention. And they have received excatly that with the release of „Three Pi One“ – first part in the „Three Pi“ trilogy .


It was universally acclaimed by critics and fans alike while giving the band status of the most promising Croatian rock band. Status that changed after the recent release of „Three Pi Two“. Once again everybody were simply swept away by the great songwriting and musicianship. The only difference being that these days Them Moose Rush are not „only“ a promising band anymore but rather one of the best rock bands Croatia has to offer.

While the studio recordings are surely great first step into exploration of the chaotic world of Them Moose Rush, live performances are great showcase of everything that makes them such an amazing band. As witnessed on their numerous gigs on regional club circuit as well as on the stages of major Croatian festivals like INmusic (two years in a row) where they shared a bill with bands like The Black Keys, The Pixies or Placebo. In January 2016 they performed at legendary Eurosonic festival accompanied with the tour of Holland. Later that year the band played at Krach Am Bach Festival in Beelen, Germany just before the headliner Color Haze.


Them Moose Rush is a hard working band with a strong DIY ethics. All of their music is self released, they write scripts and direct their videos and yes, they even shoot promo pictures by themselves.


Since we all know that the devil is in the details, Them Moose Rush make sure that their music is full of them. Let's take song „Redrum“ for example. Ok ok... you've guessed it... it's „Murder“ spelled backwards. But what about the first riff of that song which is a symmetrical, meaning it sounds exactly the same when you play it backwards? Or how about that keyboard tone in the last part of the song that actually plays a word „Murder“ in Morse code? How cool is that?

Of course many other hidden gems will have to be discovered by repetead and careful listening. But even if you don't discover all of them, you surely will discover new and amazing music created by this quite unique Croatian trio.


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