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"Prog rock pop space noise trio which will change your perception of how a modern rock trio sounds!"

Hailing from the city of Bjelovar in Croatia, Them Moose Rush are a progressive rock band unlike any other. Working in a genre often fuelled by pomp and circumstance the Eastern European trio have always done things for themselves, and in doing so, done it all inimitably. From directing their own music videos to producing their own photographs, the band also have a penchant for hiding cyphers in songs via Morse codes on keyboards or palindrome/semordnilap messages. And away from the devil that’s firmly in the detail, above all else, they rock hard.

Combining vintage vibes that play dutifully with the blues, glam and heavy rock, their approach to song writing and production bursts with innovation. Like 2013’s To Future Miss Sunshine, new album Don’t Pick Your Noise was recorded live and pushes riff after chaotic riff in an attempt to challenge listeners’ perceptions of what a rock and roll trio is truly capable of. Following To Future... the band released two EPs that quickly helped establish them as live fixtures on the European festival and tour circuit, performing at Eurosonic (Holland), INmusic (Croatia) and Krach Am Bach (Germany), alongside international bands such as The Black Keys, Arcade Fire, Pixies, Colour Haze, The Vintage Caravan and Mars Red Sky.

From lead singer Nikola Runjavec’s devastating vocal range, spanning a sonic spectrum that takes in Geddy Lee, Robert Plant and Jack White, to bass player Branimir Kuruc and drummer Vedran Marinko Komlen’s tight ship of a rhythm section, their second full-length album, Don’t Pick Your Noise is a progressive, space-fuelled majesty of electric alt-rock and Machina melody.

The band has received many significant worldwide praise from influential magazines like

Prog, Metal Hammer, Metal Injection, Everything is Noise etc.

The band has extensively toured UK and Europe in 2019 and played rock venues and festivals in many large cities such as Berlin, London, Dublin, Cologne, München, Prague, Vilnius etc.

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